Tony G. : Biography

Tony G is one of those professional poker players that people have some pretty strong feelings about. He tends to do a lot of talking when he is at the table in an attempt to rattle his opponents. A lot of people don't like this while others find it to be entertaining. Regardless of your feelings about the way that he plays there is no denying the fact that he has been a very successful player.


Tony G, whose real name is Anatanas Guoga is from Lithuania which is where he started playing poker. He had some early success so he headed for the States so that he could play in the casinos in Las Vegas. Unfortunately this got into some trouble since he was under twenty one. He had to get a fake id so that he could get into the casinos. Eventually he got caught with the fake id. He also managed to lose a lot of money since the players in Las Vegas were better than he was expecting. The result was that he lost all his money and had to go back to Lithuania.

While he was back in Europe Tony G started playing cash games at the casinos there. He was soon making a living at it so he decided to enter some tournaments. This resulted in several successes however he also suffered one of the most crushing defeats of all time when he went all in at the final of the European World Series of Poker. A pair of fives came up on the last two cards handing the victory to his opponent. Despite this Tony G has had a very successful career playing in tournaments.

Tony G has developed a bit of a reputation for being a loud mouth when he is at the poker tables. He likes to get under his opponents skin by heckling them. This has angered a lot of his opponents but it has worked well for Tony. He combines his heckling with some very aggressive play which often leads his opponents to make poor decisions. This is one of the keys to his success as a player. Some people don't like this approach but it does work well for Tony G.

Despite his success as a tournament player Tony G has followed the trend in poker in recent years where the top players make the bulk of their money playing in cash games. Tony G can often be found playing in high stakes cash games. Most of these games are played in person in the casino but he can also be found playing online as well. The huge popularity of online poker has really given the top professionals a chance to increase their earnings. There is a lot of money to be won online and Tony G is more than willing to take advantage of this opportunity.