Tom "durrrr" Dwan: Biography

Tom Dwan is part of the new generation of poker players. The guys who learned how to play the game online. Dwan is one of the most famous online players in the world because of the great success that he has had. He accomplished this at such a young age that he had already won several million dollars online before he was even old enough to play in a casino. However now that he is old enough he is starting to enter a lot of major tournaments.


Tom Dwan grew up in New Jersey where he started playing poker online when he was seventeen. Initially he took part in games using play money. However he quickly realized that he was really good at poker and he started to play in some low stakes cash games online. Success there led him to start playing for higher stakes. It was then that he started to build his reputation. He was able to play against and beat some of the biggest stars in the world of poker. It has been estimated that he has won well over two million dollars playing in online games.

Because of his success in online games Tom Dwan became very well known in the world of internet poker. He is frequently discussed in chat rooms and on blogs that are dedicated to poker. This is largely because so many young people see him having such success that they thing that they can do the same thing. The result is that they tend to talk about Dwan a lot. While there have been a number of positives to this it has also hurt his ability to make money playing poker online. It is hard for him to get a game because of his reputation.

Since he has turned twenty one Tom Dwan has been able to start entering live tournaments. He has quickly found success in this as well. There have been many people who have been very successful at internet poker who have been unable to make the move to being a good player in live events. This doesn't seem to be the case with Tom Dwan. Although he is yet to win a major live event he has made it to a number of finals tables and has had several very good results.

Like most young players who learned to play poker online Dwan tends to be a very aggressive and fearless player. He is willing to go all in even when he has nothing. This style tends to work well on the internet where a lot of the people that you are playing against really aren't all that good. However a lot of people have found that it doesn't often adapt well to live tournament play. However Tom Dwan does seem to be having some success with using this approach in tournaments. It appears that he has a very bright future playing poker.