Todd Brunson: Biography

When your father is a legend in the world of poker there is a pretty good chance that you will grow up to be a great player as well. This is what has happened with Todd Brunson. He has had enough success in his own right as a poker player to be able to step out of his father's shadow and establish his own reputation. The reputation that he has established is that of a great high stakes cash game poker player.

Todd Brunson is the son of poker legend Doyle Brunson. Despite the family connection he actually received no help from his father when he started his career playing poker. Nevertheless clearly the genes of a great poker player run in the family. Todd got his start playing poker in the dorms while he was a student the Texas Tech. Realizing that he had a talent for it he dropped out after his junior year in order to become a professional player. This proved to be a good decision since he would win his first tournament just a few months later.

Since then Todd Brunson has won a number of other tournaments including a World Series of Poker bracelet. However like many of the top professionals he actually earns the bulk of his money playing in high stake cash games. In fact he once won over thirteen million dollars in a high stakes cash game. He plays regularly in game around Las Vegas and his exploits have become so well known that the games he plays in are often reported about on the websites that are devoted to the game of poker. This has really helped to increase Brunson's fame as a poker player.

Like many of today's top professional poker players Todd Brunson has also taken to playing online. The reason that so many of them do it is that there are so many people playing online that you can always get a game anytime you want. There is also a lot of money to be made if you are a good player. Although Todd hasn't devoted as much time to online poker as some of the other top stars and he hasn't built up as big a reputation online he has nevertheless been very successful at it, greatly increasing his income from playing poker.

In a lot of ways Todd Brunson has started to step out of the shadow cast by his father and become a successful and well known poker player in his own right. At the same time he has also started to embrace his role as Doyle Brunson's son. He even contributed a section to his father's book on how to play poker. This has actually led to a new career for Brunson as a writer. He has contributed to several other books and he has started to write articles for poker magazines. However his main career remains playing in high stakes poker games.