Patrik Antonius: Biography

Patrik Antonius was born and raised in Finland. As a child he was an outstanding tennis player and he seriously considered pursuing a career as a professional tennis player. However a back injury that required him to take nearly two years off the court seriously slowed down his development as a tennis player. It was while playing tennis that Antonius began to play poker. He and the other players would play in the tennis club. Quickly realizing that he had a talent for the game Antonius made a lot of money off of his fellow players.


When he got to high school Antonius started to play with his friends for even larger stakes. Many times the games lasted all night. As soon as he turned eighteen and was allowed to start playing in casinos in Finland Patrik started enter tournaments. He also continued to play in cash games in the casino. In the early days this didn't go well and he ended up losing most of his money. It was at this point that he decided it was time to get serious and learn more about poker.

Following graduation from high school Patrik Antonius was conscripted into the army. However he was assigned to the sport division in which his duties involved little more than practicing tennis. After he was released from the army Antonius decided to give a career in tennis another shot. Unfortunately he hurt his back again and had to give up any thoughts that he had of playing professional tennis.

At this point Patrik needed to find a new career and he tried a number of different things. He worked in a restaurant, was a door to door salesman, he tried coaching tennis, he even tried being a model. Finding none of these jobs interesting he decided to head to Italy to learn how to be a chef. He spent three months in Italy before returning to Finland to study at a technical institute.

It was while he was in school that Antonius realized that he could make a living playing poker. At this point he was playing almost exclusively online. He had started with just two hundred dollars and had increased it to over twenty thousand. At this point he decided to quit school and become a professional poker player.

Patrik however decided that he wanted to give tennis one more chance. This time he had been offered a scholarship to a college in the United States. He ended up spending only one semester in college before the lure of Las Vegas called him. This is when he truly became a professional poker player. He entered several tournaments both in person and online and he quickly became very successful. Today Patrik Antonius is one of the most successful poker players in the world. He continues to play online but his real fame has come from winning a number of live tournaments.