Mike Matusow: Biography

Mike Matusow is one of the most easily recognizable of all poker players. Unfortunately it isn't always for positive things that he is being recognized. Matusow is a good player no doubt but he has also built a reputation for trash talking at the table, earning him the nickname the mouth. He is also well known for making some terrible decisions that cause him to go crashing out of tournaments. He has also had his problems away from the table even spending some time in prison.


Matuasow actually got his start in poker by working as a dealer. It was while he was dealing that he met another player who would stake him to play in games himself. Matusow was a very successful player although he would frequently lose all the money that he won playing poker in other parts of the casino.

Initially Matusow got his start by playing video poker in the casinos while he was underage. By all accounts he became a gambling addict and even resorted to stealing from his mother to pay for his gambling. It was at this point that Mike learned how to play Texas Hold'em. He quickly learned that he and aptitude for the game winning a great deal of money in the early days.

It was around this time that Matusow started entering tournaments and this is where he really started to find his success. He was won a number of tournaments and made it to the final table in a number of big events. Because of his trash talking he quickly became one of the most well known players in tournament poker. The other players may not like his behaviour but it does make for entertaining television. Greatly increasing Matusow's fame.

Unfortunately Matusow's success at poker has resulted in some troubles for him. He developed a drug problem and was arrested for providing drugs to the guests at a party that he hosted. Even worse he got involved with what he thought was an organized crime ring but which was actually an undercover FBI agent. Ultimately Mike "The Mouth" Matusow was arrested for supplying drugs to the officer and ended up spending nine months in prison. During this time he even managed to keep gambling, unfortunately he lost a great deal of money betting on sports during this time.

After being released from prison Matusow borrowed a small amount of money from a fellow player and used it to rebuild his bankroll. In this he turned out to be very successful quickly making over three quarters of a million dollars. However he quickly managed to blow most of that money, mainly by completely imploding during the World Series of Poker. This was another example of his tendency to undercut all of the good things he does with some terrible decisions. Since then he has managed to regain his form and turn himself back into a very successful player.