Lex Veldhuis: Biography

Lex Veldhuis represents the new generation of professional poker players. He has a great deal of success at a very early age. More importantly unlike most of his older competitors he learned to play poker online. This gives him something of a different perspective when it comes to playing poker. Some online players are unable to make the cross over to playing in live games while others seem to be able to do it with no problem. Lex Veldhuis appears to be in the latter group.

Lex Veldhuis is from the Netherlands where as a teenager he developed a reputation for being a top video game player. In particular he was a top player of Starcraft. It was actually a fellow Starcraft player how got him hooked on poker. Bertrand Grospelier was another top Starcraft player who had become a top online poker player. He convinced Velduis to give it a try which quickly led to great success. Apparently Starcraft is a great training ground for online poker since a lot of players have managed to make the switch successfully. Veldhuis was soon wining consistently as an online poker player.

With his success at online poker Veldhuis soon decided that it was time for him to enter some live games. This he did with quick success. He was soon winning on a regular basis in cash games around the Netherlands. From there the next logical step was into tournament play. Although he has yet to win a major tournament he has finished in the money on several occasions including a few finals tables. He has however won a number of online tournaments which is where he has really built his reputation as a poker player.

Like a lot of poker players these days Lex "Raszi" Veldhuis has realized that the way to make real money isn't entering tournaments it is playing in cash games. It is much easier to end up a winner at cash game than at a tournament so this is what most of the top players are doing nowadays. Normally they will play in high stakes games in order to maximize their winnings and this is what Veldhuis does as well. Normally he plays in Vegas but he will occasionally travel in order to find a good high stakes game that he can play in.

Although he has started to play live more often both in cash games and tournaments Velhuis still spends a lot of his time playing poker online. This is where he first found success and where he first became a well known player. These days he mostly plays in high stakes cash games online. This is becoming common amongst professional poker players as they look for ways to increase their income. However for Veldhuis it is really getting back to his roots when he plays online. He is part of that generation of players who first learned to play poker on the internet.