Gus Hansen: Biography

Gus Hansen is one of the most popular poker players in the world. The main reason for this is the way that he plays; it is so different from the way that other people play the game. In fact you would have to say that Hanson does everything wrong when he plays. Yet somehow he manages to get away with it. He can do this because he has an unusual ability to read his opponents. He just seems to know how strong their hands are. There are very few players who could get away with playing the way that Gus Hansen does.


Gus Hansen is from Denmark where he got his start as a professional backgammon player. A lot of top backgammon players have made the transition to poker and Hanson has been one of the most successful. The main reason for this is that a lot of skills used in backgammon are also used in poker. For example you need to be able to calculate the odds and make difficult decisions with limited information in both games. The crossover between the two is a natural and players who are good at one often do well at the other.

Over the last few years Gus Hansen has seen his fame massively increase as a result of his success on the World Poker Tour and the WSOPE. He has made several appearances at the final table and as a result has one a considerable amount of money. One of the reasons for his fame is that Gus tends to attract attention when he plays. His very aggressive and unconventional style is hard to miss.

When you watch Gus Hansen play you get the impression that he is a terrible poker player. He seems to do everything wrong. He makes bets at the wrong time, even when he has nothing. What he is actually doing is trying to confuse the other players and throw them off of their game. He can do this because of his amazing ability to read other players; he just seems to know how they are going to react in any situation. A lot of people think that Hanson is incredibly lucky but nothing could be further from the truth. He just knows how to bluff when he has a bad hand so that he only has to go to a showdown when he actually has a good hand. This unpredictability is what makes him such a great player.

One of the things that makes Hanson so much fun to watch is that he is willing to take chances that other players would never take. When other players try to do the same thing it rarely works out for them. Hanson can get away with it because when he makes those seemingly reckless bets he actually has a plan. He usually has a good idea of what the other guy has and what he is going to do. This is a risky style but done correctly it can be very successful as Gus Hansen has demonstrated.