Eli Elezra: Biography

Eli Elezra is one of the most successful poker players in the world if not necessarily one of the best known. He has played in and won a number of important tournaments but his real success has come from playing in cash games. Elezra is well known around Las Vegas for playing in high stakes cash games. In recent years he has also became a popular player in the world of internet poker.

Eli Elezra was born and raised in Israel and like all young men in Israel he ended up serving in the army. During his service he suffered a leg injury that kept him out of the field. It was well recovering from this injury that started playing poker with the other injured soldiers. He soon realized that he had an aptitude for it and he headed for Las Vegas to make a career out of playing poker. However not being one to put all his eggs in one basket Elezra opened up a photo developing shop on the Vegas strip. As a successful businessman he soon had plenty of money to bankroll his career as a poker player.

Initially Eli Elezra started out by playing in cash games at Vegas casinos, often for very high stakes. After some success at this he moved into playing in tournaments. This is where he started to find fame after winning a number of tournaments. His wins have included a World Series of Poker bracelet and a World Poker Tour title. Despite the success that he has found playing in tournaments most of the money that Elezra has earned from poker has come in cash games.

These days most of Eli Elezra's poker earnings come from playing online (even though he does get himself into trouble online too). He has been playing online for many years but he now has a sponsorship agreement with a major online poker site. This has allowed him to have his own online table allowing anybody who wants to challenge him the opportunity to do so. As a fan of the high stakes games this is usually what Elezra plays for even when he is playing online. Obviously since he lives in Las Vegas now he can also be found playing in high stakes games at casinos around the city as well.

Eli Elezra is well known as one of the most versatile poker players in the world. Most of the games that are played on television are Texas Hold'em so that is what he plays when he enters tournaments most of the time. Because of the popularity of Texas Hold'em it is also the game that is usually played in high stakes cash games in the casinos. However when he plays online Elezra has the opportunity to demonstrate his skill in other forms of poker. He can frequently be found playing stud or H.O.R.S.E poker online. These are his favorite games and the ones at which he is best.