Doyle Brunson: Biography

Doyle Brunson is one of the true legends of poker. More than anybody else he is responsible for taking poker from being a game played by shady characters in seedy back rooms to a game with wide spread appeal. Brunson got his start by playing in illegal cash games but his real fame came from being one of the top tournament players of all time.

Doyle Brunson was born in the nineteen thirties in Texas where as a child he excelled at sports. He played a number of sports but the game at which he really excelled was basketball. He was good enough to be drafted to play in the NBA. Unfortunately a knee injury ended his career before it ever really got started. With a career playing basketball no longer possible Brunson enrolled in a masters of education program. It was while he was at college that he started playing poker. He was soon supporting himself through his gambling and realized that he could make a lot more money playing poker than he could with a job.

After making the decision to be become a professional poker player Brunson started to make the rounds of the local poker games in Texas. Gambling was of course illegal in Texas and most of the guys he played with were criminals or other shady characters. There was a real danger involved in playing poker professional. However Doyle Brunson persevered and was soon making a great deal of money from his gambling. Soon he started to enter poker tournaments in addition to playing cash games.

It was during the seventies that Doyle Brunson really became famous as a poker player. After winning back to back World Series of Poker titles he became arguably the most famous poker player in the world. With his new found fame Brunson chose to settle Las Vegas where he was so popular that he actually became a tourist attraction in his own right. People would actually come out just to watch him play. This was the start of poker as a spectator sport that has seen the game rise to such massive popularity today with the constant coverage on television.

Doyle Brunson also used his fame to publish a book about the game of poker. This was the first book that really taught people how to play poker. When the book was first published a lot of professional players were upset that Brunson had given away their secrets. They soon found that it was harder to win games because the people they were playing with were better prepared. However the publication of the book was also a key factor in making poker the popular game that it is today. The number of people playing greatly increased which has helped to attract a lot more interest. It has also made it possible for the top professionals to make a lot more money playing poker.