David Benyamine: Biography

David Benyamine is well known for being one of the best high stakes poker players in the world. Although he has had some success in cash games the real key to his fame has been playing in some very high stakes cash games. In fact he is so famous for it that the press actually report on these games.


David Benyamine was raised in Paris France where as a child he worked in his parents shop. However he was a very good athlete and eventually he became a professional tennis player. Unfortunately his career didn't last long as he was forced to give up the game at the age of twenty because of a back injury. In addition to his success as a tennis player he was also a top ranked billiards player in France. Although he had been playing poker since he was a child Benyamine never really took the game seriously until after his tennis career ended. A friend got him involved in it seriously and it was at this point that the realized that he could make a living at it.

Since he started playing professionally David Benyamine has managed to win a number of tournaments. His real breakthrough came in 2003 when he won a World Poker Tour event in Paris. This really put him on the map as a top professional. However despite his success in tournaments Benyamine is much more successful at playing in cash games. His tournament wins have been impressive but nothing compared to what he has achieved playing in cash games.

David Benyamine is famous for playing in some very high stakes cash games. In fact he is believed to have been involved in the highest stake game ever played. He has developed a reputation for being the best player in the world in these types of games. One would think that would discourage people from playing him in high stakes cash games but in reality the opposite has been true. There are a lot of people out there who relish the opportunity to play David Benyamine in a high stakes game. His fame as a cash game player has reached the point that when he plays the games are often reported on by a number of poker websites.

In 2004 David Benyamine's career suffered a setback when he was banned from entering the United States for a year. Initially he was arrested because of an error caused by the fact that he had a similar name to that of a wanted terrorist. Benyamine spent five days in jail while the matter was cleared up. While the authorities realized that he wasn't the terror suspect they did discover that he was on the wrong kind of visa. This resulted in his being deported and banned from entering the country for a year. Not being able to play in Las Vegas really hurt Benyamine's earning power for a year.