Barry Greenstein: Biography

Barry Greenstein many not be the best known poker player in the world but he is definitely one of the most successful. Most players gain their fame by playing in tournaments or online but Greenstein does most of his playing in cash games. This has allowed him to earn a great deal of money without becoming particularly famous. However over the last few years he has started to enter a number of tournaments in which he has been very successful. This has also helped to make him better known.

Barry Greenstein grew up in Chicago where as a child he developed an interest in computers and mathematics. He would go on to earn a degree in computer science and was working on a doctorate in mathematics when he decided to get married. Realizing that he couldn't support a family while attending school he dropped out of his doctoral program in order to take a job at a computer security company. As a child Greenstein had always played poker, an interest that he picked up from his father. He continued to play while he was at college and while he was working at the computer security company. However it wasn't until the early nineties that he made the decision to become a professional player.

Barry Greenstein has been a very successful player in poker tournaments and this is where he has become best known. However he really makes his living playing in cash games. In fact he does well enough in cash games that he actually donates his very substantial tournament winnings to charity. Over the years this has added up to a lot of money and it has earned Greenstein a well deserved reputation as a philanthropist.

In addition to his success at playing poker he has become very well known for teaching others how to play the game. A number of his students have gone on to have considerable success as professional players themselves. He has also written a book on how to play poker which is generally considered to be one of the better books for people who want to learn how to improve their game. He is famous for giving away copies of his book to people who knock him out tournaments. Although you would assume that the people good enough to beat Greenstein would already be highly skilled players.

Not surprisingly for a guy who started his career as a computer scientist Barry Greenstein is well known around the world of internet poker. Although oddly he doesn't play online very often, he much prefers live games. However Greenstein's website is one of the more popular ones devoted to poker especially the section where he ranks other players. He has created his own system for ranking players objectively and this has attracted a lot of attention to his website. If nothing else it is interesting and it gives people something to talk about.