Annette Obrestad: Biography

Annette Oberstad has had a remarkable career playing poker. She was an international star and a millionaire before she was even old enough to enter a casino. She literally started with nothing, playing in free games online to win small amounts of money. She managed to grow this into winnings of millions of dollars. Now that she is actually old enough to go into a casino she has really started to see her career take off.


Annette Overstad is one of those stories that happens sometimes in poker where a player comes out of nowhere to become a huge star. As a fifteen year old she had no money to start playing poker online so she entered a free tournament which she won earning her a grand total of nine dollars. She then used that nine dollars as her bankroll for online games and turned it into over a million dollars. She won several online tournaments and quickly became a huge star in the world of online poker. All before she had reached the age of eighteen.

When Annette Overstad finally turned eighteen should could actually go into a casino in Europe. This gave her the chance to start playing in live games. She has mainly concentrated on playing in tournaments rather than in cash games up until this point in her career. Her real big breakthrough came when she won the main event at the European World Series of Poker. This would make her the highest female money winner in the history of tournament poker. The amazing thing is that she achieved this before she was old enough to enter a casino in the United States.

Despite the fact that Annette "Annette_15" Oberstad has only recently become old enough to enter a casino in the United States and start playing in the really big tournaments she has already had a spectacularly successful career. She has won millions of dollars in tournaments in Europe and on the internet. However now that she is old enough to play in a casino in the United States we will finally get a chance to find out how good she is. She can now start playing in the biggest tournaments against the toughest competition. It will be interesting to see how she does.

So far Oberstad has focused almost exclusively on tournament play, at least when it comes to Texas Hold'em. She has said that she actually finds Hold'em to be quite a dull game and she thinks that she can make more money by playing in tournaments than she can in cash games. However she does play cash games in Pot Limit Omaha. She finds these to be more interesting and she has had some pretty good success playing in cash games. Regardless of where or what she plays Annette Oberstad appears to have a very bright future in the world of poker.