Allen Cunningham: Biography

Allen Cunningham is one of those guys who just cruises under the radar. He is one of the most successful poker players in the world but he is not all that well known. Certainly there are many less successful players who are better known than Cunningham. In large part this is due to his quiet mild mannered style. Unlike a lot of players he doesn't find it necessary to talk non-stop while at the table. He just sits quietly and plays.

Allen Cunningham got his start playing poker around the kitchen table with rest of his family in southern California; however it was well he was in college that he really started to take it seriously. While studying for a degree in engineering Cunningham began playing in low stakes games in the local casinos. Eventually he decided that he could make a living playing poker so he dropped out of college and started spending more time in the casinos. After having some success playing in cash games he started to enter tournaments and this is where he really started to find success.

At the age of twenty one Allen Cunningham started entering a number of poker tournaments around California. He managed to win several of these and that led him to start playing in bigger tournaments. Soon he was able to play with and beat even the top professional players in the world. Over the years he has managed to win nearly twenty tournaments including five World Series of Poker bracelets. In addition he has had over a hundred cash finishes. This has made him one of the most successful players out there and has earned him over ten million dollars in career winnings.

In a world of poker dominated by colorful characters Allen Cunningham has built a reputation as a quiet and mild mannered player. Often he goes unnoticed at the table when compared to some of the other players who do a lot of talking. However it has been hard not to notice the success that Cunningham has had. Not surprisingly for a guy who was studying to be an engineer when he started playing poker Cunningham plays a very analytical style. He doesn't rush into anything but takes his time to make sure that he makes the best possible decision.

Like a lot of top poker players these days Allen Cunningham spends a lot of time playing online. This is partly due to the fact that he is sponsored by an online poker site but it is largely down to the huge amounts of money that can be made. There are far more people playing poker online than in casinos these days so that is where the smart pros hang out. Allen Cunningham is nothing if not smart and he is well aware of the great opportunities that exist playing poker online. Which is why he is spending more and more of his time doing just that.